Your Future through Forgiveness

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There is a future that comes through forgiveness. It is a future that is brighter than you can begin to imagine. It is one that is set aside for you through the act of forgiveness.

In this one hour audio teaching and study companion guide ‘Your future through Forgiveness’ will bring you to a place of wanting to forgive, wanting to be free and wanting to live the full purpose of what God has called you to. No longer will you want to live with less than what God already has in store.

‘‘Your Future through Forgiveness’ will prepare you for:

• Your life after forgiveness.
• Rewards that come through forgiveness.
• Personal growth and intimacy in the Lord.
• Your future and promises that come with it.

This study comes with 1 audio teaching and a study companion guide to help position you with the Lord to receive His best while knowing that you are not alone; that He is with you and that the best is yet to come.

Upon purchase you will be able to download the audio teaching and companion guide.

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