What is Forgiveness

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Forgiveness appears to be one of those abstract concepts that people believe they know what it is yet demonstrate that they don’t. Forgiveness means many things to many people; and yet God’s Word identifies clearly what forgiveness actually is.

In this one hour audio teaching and study companion guide what forgiveness is will open your eyes to forgiveness in an entirely new way. Julie shares what the Lord revealed to her on her journey of forgiveness and what she once believed it was compared to what it actually is. It is because of this new understanding that she was free and able to grow closer to the Lord.

‘‘What is Forgiveness’ will remove misconceptions about the overall process, mindsets and preconceived notions that probably sound good yet are not of God.

‘‘What is Forgiveness’ will grow your knowledge of:

• The Lord’s work in your life
• How the enemy spoils the lives of unsuspecting believers
• A battle that you have victory in
• The choices you can make as a believer

This study comes with 1 audio teaching and a study companion guide to help you grow in understanding of forgiveness based upon the Word of God. It will help you to come to a place of desiring to remove any hidden deceptions about unforgiveness that have plagued you thus far. It will also help you increase in your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and move to a place of living in forgiveness.

Upon purchase you will be able to download the audio teaching and companion guide.

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