Anyone who has had to forgive knows it’s not easy. For me personally; it was the hardest thing to do. I didn’t feel it was fair nor did I believe I was justified in doing so. Then; when faced with no other options in my life that would allow me to go forward I did it. And my life changed.
This series was created that will help you go through every step of forgiveness to live a life in the freedom that comes with it. Every single subject is filled with every detail of what the Lord brought me to and through to come to the place of freedom in and through forgiveness to live in the rewards that come with it.
This series comes complete with 9 hours and a companion guide to help you through each step. You can take as much time as you need with each step; and know some are easier than others. We all have our own ideas of what forgiveness is and isn’t, our reasons for not forgiving and the ideas of what forgiveness really is. Some things the Lord revealed were not at all what I was told or taught for my entire life!
In this 9 hour series you will receive:
Hour 1: Why Forgiveness is important
Hour 2: What is Forgiveness
Hour 3: What Forgiveness is Not
Hour 4: Symptoms of Unforgiveness
Hour 5: Reasons People Don’t Forgive
Hour 6: Reasons to Forgive
Hour 7: Preparing to Forgive
Hour 8: How to Forgive
Hour 9: Your Rewards & Life After Forgiving
An 87 page Companion Guide that will help you progress through forgiveness with the Holy Spirit. There is a place to journal your thoughts, prayers to help you and and some fill in the blanks to help you identify truths that will lead to your new breakthrough and life after forgiveness.
Once you have finished each step you will begin to see not only the strength that the Lord gave you to push through; but also a new beginning to new relationships with others and with the Lord. You will have a more clear understanding of bondage as well as freedom and you will never want to go back to the place you left again!