Symptoms of Unforgiveness

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Did you know that there are approximately 40 symptoms of unforgiveness? It truly is a silent killer that does more damage to the human heart than any other disease known the man.

In this one hour audio teaching and study companion guide the symptoms of unforgiveness will open your eyes to just how much it infiltrates people’s lives and to their detriment; regardless of whether or not they are Christians.
‘Symptoms of Unforgiveness’ is enlightening in that the symptoms typically are not discovered or discerned by most. These symptoms when uncovered and dealt with transform any life! This lesson in particular sheds light to what the Lord revealed to Julie as she spent two full days in a room overcoming the symptoms to get to a place of being free and able to forgive.

‘Symptoms of Unforgiveness’ will open your eyes to

• The myriad of symptoms that may have infected your life
• How the symptoms of unforgiveness keep you from healthy relationships
• The challenges that every unforgiver faces without knowing it
• The depth of the symptoms and how they cooperate to your downfall

This study comes with 1 audio teaching and a study companion guide to help you grow to know and discern the symptoms so that you are equipped to break free of all of them. By doing so you will be in position to live in obedience to the Word of God experience breakthrough in every area of your life.
Upon purchase you will be able to download the audio teaching and companion guide.

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