Reasons Why People Don’t Forgive

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When it comes to forgiveness we can all come up with our own reasons why we choose not to. That’s simple. The reasons may vary although they still pretty much equate to the same foundation; a heart issue.

In this one hour audio teaching and study companion guide you will explore what has kept you going before the Lord and being honest about the ‘why’ you have chosen not to forgive. Through this exploration you will be in a better position to get to the place of actually being able to forgive.

‘Reasons Why People Don’t Forgive’ brings forth the everyday excuses that we all at some point allow ourselves to live by while also examining the outcome of the transformation of lives of those in the Bible who lived by the consequences of their choices.

‘Reasons Why People Don’t Forgive’ will give you insight to

• The choices you have made that have you where you are
• The excuses that you can no longer carry with you
• How pride is to the downfall of the unforgiver
• The Lord’s justice plan for you

This study comes with 1 hour of teaching and a companion guide to help you grow in God’s Word and begin to understand that while there are reasons for not forgiving God’s Word makes the way for us to always follow it.

Upon purchase you will be able to download the audio teaching and companion guide.

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