Dr. Julie teaches every Thursday and you are invited. You only need to dial in and receive:

  • THURSDAYS  8pm cst
  •  DIAL: (214) 586-0411
  • Service starts promptly at 8pm although there is praying a few minutes before.

What do I need to do?

You only need to dial the number above and remove distractions. The phones will be muted. Bring your Bible and notepad and pen. At the end of the teaching if you have a testimony or prayer request you will have an opportunity to speak. There are times when the Lord gives a word of knowledge to those on the call so expect to receive.

Is there a charge to attend? 

NO! It’s FREE! You are investing in your relationship with the Lord.  If the teachings and ministry bless you and you want to give then to God be the glory! Be obedient and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in sowing, giving of tithes, gifts and or and offerings. It is not about an amount of giving but rather obedience and faithfulness to the Lord that is most important so follow Him first and always and in all things. If you are not led to give or simply do not want to give; it’s ok-don’t give. That is between you and the Lord.

What should I expect?

Expect to receive. Expect an increase in spiritual growth in Christ and intimacy. Expect to hear scripture. Dr. Julie has been known to share anywhere from 15-20 scripture in a single message. Expect transformation in the total man.

Who can attend?

Anyone who wants come to know Jesus should call. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired attend. If you are not in a church and seeking; you are invited to call. If you have left the church; you should call. If you aren’t sure about this type of ‘church’ then call. Anyone seeking to know the Lord on a deeper level should call. Anyone who wants to walk in the fullness of Christ and expand His Kingdom should call.These calls are for those who are seeking Truth, His Truth, based only on His Word and if you are seeking that then call.

What if I don’t understand the message?

It’s ok; ask questions and keep calling. There are times when it may not be understood the first time; so ask the Holy Spirit to move. It will begin to make sense as you continue to grow in Him. You have nothing to worry about as none of us arrive with understanding. We are all continuing to grow and will for a lifetime.

Why do you have these calls in this format?

In 2014 the Lord revealed to Dr. Julie the number of people leaving the church and not having a place to go. She was shown a need and a way to help raise up those who left the church yet were still seeking to know Christ. He positioned her to be able to reach people beyond the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Most of the attendees are from outside the DFW area and have come to Dallas for further ministry training and development.

I’ve heard you speak of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of tongues. Is that a requirement for attendance?

No not at all. The Lord will guide you in this area. It will; however, help you grow in power, in understanding and knowledge of His Word. Please watch Dr. Julie’s testimony for more about this. If this is something you too want to receive from the Lord click here and arrangements can be made for you to be blessed by the Lord.

I don’t live in the US. How can I attend?

You can attend by following these simple steps:

1. Dial the local access number below based on your location.
2. When prompted, enter (214) 586-0411 then press #.
You can also join via computer by clicking: